Do you strive to be completely honest with your partner and think this is right? In fact, such absolute frankness in a relationship can only hurt. This is not about cheating and deceiving. But a little wisdom won’t hurt you. 

1.     Previous relationship

Seriously, if you don’t want to have a scandal, you should immediately close this question for yourself. All that was in the past is the past, even girls from Therefore, live in the present! It is not worth mentioning your previous relationship, especially about love for any woman who is not currently participating in your life. All these conversations lead to rivalry and subsequently to jealousy.

2.     Criticism of a partner from family and friends

If you or your girlfriend tell each other about how your relatives or friends speak negatively about you, then nothing good awaits your couple in the future. It will be extremely unpleasant for any of us that close people or our partners treat our choice with doubt or contempt.

3.     Shortcomings

The next forbidden topic is to discuss each other’s shortcomings, even if you do it “for fun”, that is, as a joke. Moreover, you shouldn’t make comments about her appearance. Women are very sensitive to the shortcomings of their bodies. And if you make a comment about their appearance or some imperfections, then resentment can’t be avoided.

4.     Problems

Nobody likes whiners who, even with any little things, start complaining and do nothing. Apart from disgust, such a person causes nothing. And before you start complaining, you should think about whether it is interesting for a woman to listen to it.

5.     Work or hobby

Listening to incomprehensible words is very tiring. If you enthusiastically tell her that you played CS with buddies, and the girl looks bored, then you have lost the thread of the conversation and, at the moment, she is only thinking about how to quickly get rid of you.

6.     Money

It’s good if you can discuss how to manage your budget, who spends money on what, and what purchases should be discussed with each other. But it is better not to discuss wages or the sums invested in your relationships. Moreover, you shouldn’t try to humiliate your loved one for spending more time on a career, earning less, or temporarily not working at all.

7.     Gossips

Gossips are not the best part of women. But, unfortunately, this is also typical for some men. They think this is a good way to get closer to their significant other. But what a mistake it really is! Most likely, she will ask: “Why didn’t you say that to them personally?”

8.     Comparison of a loved one with others

Such comparisons with other women will not lead to anything good. By the way, this only applies to negative comparisons. If you will present your woman from the best side, comparing her to others, then this will only strengthen your relationship and trust in them.

9.     Humiliation of an ex

Some people love to exalt themselves by criticizing the exes of chosen ones. Such self-affirmation will not help you build strong relationships. Your partners will not appreciate you more if you speak negatively about their past. Most likely, they will want to protect their exes in order to rehabilitate themselves in your eyes. Remember that a relationship is based on mutual respect for each other’s past.

10.  Relatives and friends

Parents are an integral part of the life of your woman. They have made a tangible contribution to her development and formation as a person. Friends also play an important role for her – they have similar life positions, principles, and interests.