Cakes so deeply invaded our society, so we can’t even imagine a birthday party without cakes. No matter what you are planning to do at your wife’s birthday party, there is always should be a nice and tasty cake. Furthermore, you can’t always use the same recipe of cakes for all her birthdays. Each birthday requires different cake recipes. I believe that we should try everything in our lives, especially when it comes to various cakes starting from classic ones up to cool towering cakes with crazy decorations.

Top 7 the best cake recipes for your wife

While working on this list of ideas, we tried to find the tastiest and impressive cakes. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to be an advanced baker to pull off our cake ideas. We believe that relatively simple recipes are no worse than those that were created by professionals only for professionals. Thus, you won’t need any serious equipment to cook a homemade cake for your wife’s birthday.
Don’t have that special someone to make a cake for? Otherwise, proceed straight to our list.

  1. Pink Velvet Cake with Raspberry

Without a single doubt, you have already heard about red velvet cakes. But today we are talking about a gentle pink velvet cake. Rest assured, this cake will never disappoint you or your wife. While preparing the dough base of the cake, get ready to work with cream and food colors. Also, you will need those while working with cream too.

  • Ice Cream Cake with Cookies

This one is perfect if your significant other is not into traditional birthday cakes. To make this delicious cake, you will have to buy her favorite ice cream and cookies. Find the most suitable bowel, melt the ice cream, and pour it into the bowel. Then, decorate it with her favorite cookies. Also, you may add some fruits to make it even more delicious. But it is better to avoid frozen fruits. So add those right before serving.

  • Striped cake

To make this cute cake, you will need a very simple set of products and a pair of toothpicks. You will have to use those to make beautiful ornaments, but don’t worry, there is nothing complicated. The main idea of this cake that you will need to prepare the colored dough. To do this, you can cook everything simultaneously or divide all your ingredients.

  • Fruit Cake

Who has said that a birthday cake can’t be healthy? You can make a very simple fruit cake. To do this, you will have to buy fruits and make a dough base. Bake her favorite dough in the oven until it is almost ready. Then create a decoration with fruits and put them all over the base. After that, cook everything until ready.

  • Pancho Cake

Bake an ordinary biscuit and cut it into pieces. After that, cover each piece with gentle sour cream and fold everything together. When cream gets frozen is solitudes the whole cake. To decorate this cake, you can use chocolate or m&ms. For example, you can melt a couple of chocolate bars and cover the cake with it. Then, draw something with m&ms.

  • Prague Cake

This is one of the easiest to cook cakes in our list, and, at the same time, it looks truly gorgeous. As usual, before anything else, you need to make the dough base and cook it in the preheated oven. Then, you will have to let it cook. While the base is cooling, prepare the cream by mixing plum with evaporated milk and butter. After that, cover your base with this cream. Cut the cake into pieces before serving it.

  • Honey sponge cake

In the whole world, there is no cake that you can cook faster than this one. Even though the fact that to cook this cake you won’t need any rare ingredients, you will be very satisfied with the final results of your work. You will need to bake a biscuit dough with adding honey. Use cream and berries or small fruits to decorate it.